Professional Teaching Team


The teaching team at Creative Primary School consists of dedicated professional teachers who are totally committed to caring for and meeting student's needs. With dedication and strong team spirit, teachers work hard and collaboratively towards the vision and ideals of the school.

Members of our teaching staff team are all life-long learners. Through regular on-job training and studies, they widen their horizon and continuously enhance their professional skills, knowledge and practices. They also frequently review and enrich the curriculum, pedagogy and strategic practices in order to make teaching and learning more interesting and effective for our students.

All our teachers are fully qualified with Teacher's Certificate. 98 % of them are degree holders and 35% with master degrees.

In addition:

  • All teachers have received IB Primary Years Programme (IBPYP) training
  • All teachers have received Brain-based Learning (BBL) training, ten of whom have obtained BBL teaching diplomas
  • A significant number of our teachers have represented the school to attend international education conferences, professional exchanges as well as overseas professional training