Scope of work:
1. To develop an ever-improving student capability to use English

• to think and communicate in English;
• to acquire, develop and apply knowledge gained;
• to respond and give expression to experience;
and within these contexts, to develop and apply an ever-increasing understanding of how language is organized, used and learned.


2. To tailor the curriculum to be needs-specific to students and contextual for their environment and social background.

3. To develop good reading habits of English books as a mean so that students

• appreciate the language and its culture;
• are more sensitive to the use of the language.


To foster self-learning through the development of research skills. Students are encouraged to master the use of reference books and the skills need to search information via different media. Project work enables students to develop and utilize these research skills.


To maintain interest and facilitate the continuity of learning English through primary school, secondary education, higher education and into the workforce.

English Panel
Ms. Maggie Tang Ms. Maggie Tang
Ms. Joceyln Fung Ms. Joceyln Fung
Ms. Sarah Chan Ms. Sarah Chan