Paul Staker - Scott County Schools, April 11, 05

Wow, What A Wonderful Great School!!! Thank You

Jim Mahoney - Battelle for Kids, April 11, 05

What a wonderful school! The students, teachers, staff, and Principal were warm, inviting, and professional. This is the kind of school that parents want to send their children to each day. Thank you!

Frank Howatt - Scott County Schools

I love your school! I feel like I belong while here. I think everyone must feel that way. Yours is a school I would like my children to attend.

Harry A. Smith - Suny Potsdam College, April 11, 05

Clio and all the beautiful teachers, students, and supporting staff is Creative Primary School:
This is my third year visiting your school, and like the best wines, you have gotten better, with age, and you were great when I final visited you!

You are a caring school and people enjoy what they’re doing. You are a definite model for the “Most Inviting School” award!

I love your pictures, stuffed animals, awards, and especially your smiles. The people that serve the administration - teachers, secretaries, janitors, etc. – should be highly congradulated for the excellent work they do.

I love my visits to your school!

李國生 - 教育統籌局, Dec 5, 04




李國權等 - 吳禮和紀念學校, May 19, 04


李慧珠等 - 大埔官立小學, May 19, 04

We are most impressed by the warm and sincere welcome of your kids.

郭楚翹等 - 基督教宣道會太和幼稚園, May 19, 04


李惠莉等 安基司幼稚園暨國際幼兒園, May 19, 04


陳潤芳等 - 大埔禮賢會幼稚園正/分校, May 19, 04

李偉柏等 - 聖公會阮鄭夢芹小學, May 19, 04
You trust your children, you treasure your pupils. This is an inviting school.
李巧萍 - 廣東省教育科學研究所, June, 18, 04


Rosaline Lee Fung - Phinnie N Friends, Oct 18, 04

Sharing with people like you inspire me to tell more stories.

金巴崙長老會耀道小學, Jan 31, 05

梁滿榮校長 - 香港中文大學校友會聯會張?昌學校, Jan 31, 05

Patricia Thompson - The Croft Preparatory School, April 6, 05
Thank you so much for inviting me to visit your excellent school. The Staff, pupils and facilities are a credit to everybody. Especial thanks for the warm welcome, and superb brass ensemble. Warm regards to everyone.

Martha Staker - Scott Co. Schools, April 13, 05
Wow!! Your school is wonderful. All the students are happy and smiling. The warmth is genuine! An Inviting place to be !
Dale Stowe Wonderful School. Thank you for being so inviting. I felt so warm and enjoyed so much. Thank you!

Angelia Williams - Harmony Leland Elementary School, May, 12, 05

Your school was very hospitable to us. I am very grateful to you as a Host. My visit to China will be ever-lasting.

Karen Stargel - Harmony Leland Elementary School, May, 12, 05
I truly enjoyed my visit to your school. Working with your students was very enjoyable. They were eager to learn and to participate in the lesson. Thank you for this opportunity to share and learn from each other.

Hermia, Simmons-Deveaux - Harmony Leland Elementary School, May, 12, 05

Wow! What an inviting and exciting place. Thank you so much for inviting us to your school. The students are energetic and actively engaged in learning and your staff is dedicated to student success. Keep up the excellent work and please visit Harmony Leland anytime!

Koo Hok Chun, Denns - NCE PSA School, May, 12, 05

Dear Clio,
Your school is impressive and admirable.