Creative Primary School was founded in 1985. The school's objective is to offer outstanding all-round educational services for students aged between 6 and 11 in Hong Kong. Integrating the best of both Chinese and international educational ideals, the school's mission is to develop a unique and effective model of educational practice that is highly student-centered and with the objective of educating the whole-person. During the most crucial stage of our students' early development, the school's ultimate mission is to lay a firm foundation on which their future success in life is built.


Our Beliefs


We believe...
Every child is special with their own unique potential.
A child brought up in a compassionate environment knows how to be at one with the world and is likely to develop an optimistic and positive attitude to life.
Trust, encouragement and support are the basis on which a child builds their self-respect and self-esteem, and confidence – and such are essential basis of the child's learning.
A child's effective development is the result of an accumulation of learning successes and breakthroughs…
A child's stable and happy development is based upon our effectiveness in building up his/her confidence in facing challenges, persistence and abilities in solving problems, courage in facing and accepting failures, as well as being given opportunities to accumulate experience of successes and achievements.
A child's primary education is of critical importance to his/her success in his/her future. Individual abilities and needs have to be properly identified and further developed by proper guidance and support. Plenty of opportunities should be provided for a child to enjoy and accumulate experience of achievements. This in turn would help to build a firm foundation for successes in their future life.


Our Vision

We see ourselves as a forward thinking, inspirational and high achieving learning organisation. Our students, teachers and parents all share the joy of learning and striving for excellence together.

As a highly student-centered school, we offer an all-rounded, broad and balanced education for our students. We place emphasis on the development of their thinking skills, their personal potential and international mindedness. Within our happy and caring school environment, we help to build students' positive characters, academic abilities and become effective learners with a positive outlook to life.


Our Mission
We strive to provide our students with:
a happy and exceptionally caring school environment
high standards of all-round care
an effective and multi-faceted teaching and learning model
sufficient, fit-for-purpose and modern learning facilities
an inspiring learning culture
ample of opportunities to realize students' potential and talent to the full